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The Process




1. Location

Our base lies in Apokorona, in the shadow of the dominating White Mountains in northern Chania and is one of the most popular resorts of the region. The town started attracting north Europeans more than 30 years ago and many of these visitors never left. Apokoronas is an attractive destination with plenty to offer to visitors.

We mainly build in the region of Apokoronas, but if you like our designs and quality, ask us for another location. We can realize your dream home in the whole of Crete.

The Plot

The choice of the plot is about the most essential part of the building project.The plot is the basis of your project, and is decisive for future development. We offer you a very wide and varied range of building plots on Western Crete and a personalised selection is made based on your wishes, location, view, facilities in the area and your overall budget.

2. Architecture

On the basis of the choice of the plot and the further listing of your specific wishes, our creative team will go to work on the first design sketches which will be in the next stage technically developed by one of our co-operating architects with detailed layouts and realistic 3D artist impressions.

We want to deliver you elegance and class through modern design elements, environmental suitability and top quality materials that will turn the project into a luxury home.
We work closely with our clients and respond to their needs and desires in order to achieve optimum efficiency, comfort and style. We will make each decision easy for you, since we work with very reliable pre-estimates. We guide you through the whole process, in order for the final project to meet all your expectations.


3. Construction

“Construction is the native language of the architect;  An architect is a poet who thinks and speaks in the language of construction” 
Auguste Perret

Phoenix will put at your disposal our team of experts in construction, architecture, interior design, home automation, etc… Together we encompass years of experience, which guarantees that you will get your home with the best combination of all these components, taking care of the Environment and your budget, as we consider luxury as the sum of a set of excellent services.

During the construction process we provide communication and co-ordination between you as the principal and the many parties involved i.e. architects and constructors. We help you to select the correct parties and we ensure during the construction an intensive technical guidance by regular building site visits and attending building progress meetings. In addition, we will keep you informed about the progress of the work through photographs and messages and we will keep a close check on the schedule and budgeting. We optimise your project from concept to delivery.

We offer a safe and fast construction system. We execute the projects in full by offering the concept “turnkey”, from the creative process to the execution, logistics and assembly, so the customer will not have to worry about anything.

Our efficiency lies in the perfect planning carried out by our team of professionals. A work carried out with precision and attention to detail, which makes your new property unique and ensures added value for the future. Together we create a personalized home, adapted to your wishes and needs, with a special style, an exceptional shape and modern architecture, which makes our projects unique.