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Real estate in Greece. The first steps

Have you ever though of building a home by the seaside? Every person on our planet have dreamed about it at least once. But dreams without actions do not help us to get any closer to achievements. It all starts from a real estate in Greece. And the first questions you’d be asked by yourself are:

  • How to find a reliable real estate in Greece?
  • How to invest in properties of Greece safe?
  • How to choose plot to buy? “Hey, guys, who owns this beach?”
  • How to build a house in Greece? How much time does it take?

And yes, there are a lot more questions that follow, most of them related to the properties on Crete, but some are not. In any case – our managers are here to help you find the answer before you do actually ask a question.

How to find a reliable real estate in Greece?

You have actually answered to this question by yourself. If you are on the Phoenix Constructions website, that means you have already found the most reliable developer and real estate on Crete. Contact us to get answers to all the questions you have and start making the first steps to your dream ouse by the sea.

How to secure investments in properties in Greece?

It is simple. Work with Phoenx Constructions company. At the very beginning point of our cooperation we sign a contract with all the details of our cooperation. Any time since then you can check the actual status your buy-sell deal, or construction works. Our managers are always up-to-date and ready to answer all your questions. We do invest in transparency of working processes and we do improve them year by year.

How to find a plot for building a house on Crete?

Phoenix Constructions is the leader in property development in Chania area, and we do always have good spots to build your new home with the incredible view and surroundings.

How to build a house on Crete? How much time does in take?

After you contact with our managers and explain what you are actually looking for, we offer you a variety of plots. After you choose the land where your home will grow soon, we sign a contract, do prepare all the documentation, and start working hard.

So in the best case scenario you can move into your house after six-sever months after you have contacted us for the first time.

Are you ready to make your dream come true?

Real estate in Greece and construction company Phoenix Constructions
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