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Property on Crete

The island of Crete is a whole world, located on a small part of land. When you buy property on Crete, you invest in your future. Future in a preserved area where the European civilizations come from.

XIX century map of Crete. Buy your property on Crete

The island of Crete has four prefectures: Chania, Rethymnon, Heraklion (with small capitals, same named as the prefectures) and Lassithi – the easternmost prefecture with the capital in Agios Nikolaos. All the four main cities of Crete are located on the north coast of the island, and connected by a stretched along the coast National Road.

Also here – all along the coast line – is the resort area located. The tourist industry is locates along the beaches, but some steps inland you will find infinitive green seas of fruits gardens and olive groves, that hide in privacy cozy villas of the ones who have already got their piece of paradise on Crete.

Every territory of Crete can be and actually is proud of it’s investment in Cretan history culture, that count over 5000 years. But in the same time every district differs from the other, offering it’s inhabitants extremely comfortable living conditions. A lot of foreigners are building properties on Crete, and all around the island you can find beautiful luxury or small cozy villas, but as in every industry, in property market of Crete there is a leader.

Properties in Lassithi prefecture of Crete

The eastern district of Crete – Lassithi – might be called the most dry region of the island. But on the same time it is well known for having the most quiet and calm tourist resorts and plenty of nature preserved zones.

Home for sale in Heraklion

The prefecture of Heraklion is known for the biggest international airport of the island, marine port and biggest city located here. Heraklion (the city) is the main connection junction between Crete and the entire world. The prefecture of Heraklion can be proud of its’ best developed tourist industry on the north coast and huge terrains of farmlands south.

Houses in prefecture of Rethymnon

The prefecture of Rethymnon is famous for it’s never-ending long sandy beaches, charming medieval capital of the region and high mountains covered with snow even when it’s hot on the coast.

Build your home in Chania area

The Chania prefecture – the westernmost on the island – can be characterized by many the mosts:

  • the most green area of the island – here, even along the north coast, you can find extensive cypress, pine and oak forests and a lot of national park areas
  • the capital of the prefecture – Chania is often called as the most beautiful city in whole Greece
  • Chania is also the most green city on Crete – it breathes easier even in the warmest days here
  • close to the south coast of prefecture is located the largest national park of Crete, with the longest gorge in Europe as a main visitable part of it, and also close by – a botanical garden – the biggest one on the island
  • the best beaches of Crete (according to the European and Worldwide charts and ratings) are hidden on the west outskirts of the prefecture
  • the widest and most beautiful mountain range of Crete is here – the White Mountains cover more than a half of the territory of the prefecture; White Mountains – are not only great terrains for farming and shepherding, but also are an “escape to the snow” possibility – there are many places in the mountains where you can spend a weekend (or endless weeks) playing snowballs and enjoying your glass of drink by fireplace watching through the window how the snowflakes fall – as slow as the time flows here
  • and of course Chania is the leader in building properties on Crete for foreigners – with all the beauty of the region it could not be elsewise.

If you are the warmth-in-love person, you should not doubt – buying property on Crete is an investment that you will never regret about!

When you buy property on Crete, you invest in a place in Paradise on Earth.

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