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We build your home on Crete

Phoenix Constructions is company of people who build your home on Crete

Phoenix Constructions company was founded in the year 2005 as a real estate and developer of properties on Crete. During the years of successful work, there were built hundreds of houses by our engineers and architects, and thousands of people from all over the world found their new home on Crete.

Phoenix Constructions keeps being one of the local leaders in properties development industry of Crete, and not only in Cretan charts, but Greece wide. We deserved our strong stable reputation by working hard and providing the best quality services possible.

Our managers are glad to find a flat or a villa that suites you best, both by wishes and budget for your new home on Crete. We do know all the pitfalls possible, and we always aware our client if his choice is wrong in order to take care of our client’s future living on Crete experience.

Our architects work 24/7 to create visualize the project of the house of your dreams. Every project is as unique as it’s owner. Our architects, landscape and interior designers were born to make your dreams come true.

Our building engineers have great rich experience in the works they do and in conditions the have to work in. They use all the construction experience and modern technologies to build your home in Greece with love and accuracy.

Every human would love to leave a trace of him in the history. We are lucky because we have an opportunity to do so. We build homes. Houses for ages.

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