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24 Oct
The traditional Cretan “Glenti”

Crete has its own distinctive Mantinades poetry. The island is known for its Mantinades-based music (typically performed with the Cretan lyra and the laouto) and has many indigenous dances, the most noted of which is the Pentozali. Cretan authors have made important contributions to Greek Literature...

Музей этнологии Крита | Ethnological museum of Crete
24 Oct
Museum of Cretan Ethnology

The Museum of Cretan Ethnology is a museum in Voroi, in the municipal unit of Tympaki, Heraklion regional unit, southern Crete, Greece. Established as an institution in 1973, the museum was built under the French architect Georges Henri Rivière, the creator of the Musée National...

Crete traditions
24 Oct
The unique Cretan lifestyle

Crete has proven over the last years to be one of the more popular destinations for Europeans that seek either a holiday or a retirement home. With an average of 310 days of sunshine per year, spectacular sunrises and sunsets, and brilliant star and moonlit...

Пляжи Крита | Beaches of Crets
21 Oct
The beautiful Cretan beaches

The most famous and most photographed beaches on the island, known for their exotic water and majestic natural environment, are the heavenly lagoons of Balos at Gramvousa peninsula and Elafonissi, which lie in the southwestern edge of the island. Between them, lies the virgin beaches of...

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