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Crete - one of the biggest islands of Greece. It is washed by three seas, the Ionian, Aegean and the Mediterranean.
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About Crete

Information about the island.

Crete – one of the biggest islands of Greece. It is washed by three seas, the Ionian, Aegean and the Mediterranean. The climate here is considered one of the mildest and healthiest in Europe. Crete is located in two climatic zones – the Mediterranean and North Africa. Humidity varies depending on the proximity to the sea. Along the coast of the island stretches a chain of holiday resorts. The total length of the coastline of the island is 1046km. The area is 8261km. On the north coast of Crete, the water is warmer than the south due to a passing flow.

If you think about the journey of mythical roads of Attica, where do you think we need to start your journey? Where is the source and the beginning of poetic inspiration, the world mystery myths of ancient Greece. Myths of Crete are an important historical information. The island is the birthplace of many gods (Afina- was born in Crete, Hera, Zeus married in Crete, Zeus was born and died in Crete). Terrible chimeras and demons, giants and heroes, whose exploits and still excite the imagination of mere mortals . Cloister and the cradle of ancient gods Gretsii- island of Crete. The ancient Greek mythology Crete is particularly honored, recognizing his homeland of all the gods. Zeus was born here in one of the local caves. Although the gods of ancient Greece lived in the air space between heaven and earth, the place of assembly was the peak of Mount Olympus, a height of about 3 km. With the Olympus gods often descended to earth people.

Thousands of tourists flock every year to Crete is the solar island rains are here only in winter. The tourist infrastructure of Crete is better than on other islands. Crete is one of the most popular European destinations. Vysoky level of service and friendly locals disposes to rest on the island. Crete actively exporting olive oil, olives, grapes (dessert and and wine varieties), avocados, figs, peaches, kiwi, aromatic plants and so on. Also, the island has a large number of bee-keeping: it is made ​​of honey with a distinct flavor and medicinal properties. Topping Crete exports olive oil takes second-Cretan raisins. At the international competition in Denmark Cretan raisins he was voted the best in the world.

Crete is ideal for leisure and youth with its small budget and a desire for entertainment, respectable tourists who are accustomed to five-star comfort. Rethymno romantic city in the construction of which was attended by the Venetians, the Turks and the locals, which left an indelible mark on the face of the city with narrow streets , minarets of ancient mosques and small markets with spices and honey sweets. Chania Jasmine city with streets rays, leading to the historic port city in depth, framed by countless shops and leather shops.

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