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Crete traditions

24 Oct The unique Cretan lifestyle

Crete has proven over the last years to be one of the more popular destinations for Europeans that seek either a holiday or a retirement home. With an average of 310 days of sunshine per year, spectacular sunrises and sunsets, and brilliant star and moonlit nights, its natural beauty, the history and the low crime rate are only some of the reasons that make the island of Crete so special.

Crete is the biggest Greek island and lively all year round. Apart from several tourist resorts, nothing closes in the winter. The island awaits you every time of the year, each of four seasons with a distinctive and separate character and because of it’s size you will always discover new parts of the island, you never feel of knowing it all or getting the “island madness”.

The whole Island is spiced with the ever surprising friendliness and hospitality of the Cretans. The Cretans seem to have a nice relaxed living speed and in a natural way you will adapt into this life style. Moreover the Cretan lifestyle is one of the healthiest in the world.The longetivity of Cretans has attracted the world medical interest and in 1999 a world study about longetivity and heart health showed that Cretans were the healthiest inhabitants in the developed world. The main reasons leading to this are the Cretan Diet containing olive oil and the use of fresh natural local products and the climate and location of Crete with its long hours of sunshine and clean fresh air, far from the industrial pollution of the big cities.

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